Brand Story

“Gift from Nature” 

Injun Koh, CEO  of The Laundress Korea and research team of organic cosmetic manufacture, Organic Bridge has developed FLAWLESS CLEAN over 2 years to enhance not only skin and coat but also mind of your companion. 

And Seunghoon Kim, perfume director of fine fragrance studio, Maison De Parfum created unique aromatherapy fragrances .

FLAWLESS CLEAN is the premium pet beauty brand using valuable and unique ingredients form nature for your lovely companion.


Gift from Nature

#609 Seoul-forest AK Valley, 99 Seongsooil-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

Kandy Corporation (206-86-68316)   |  CEO : Injun Koh

TEL : 82-2-543-1225    |   FAX : 82-70-8611-1226  |

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